Fundserv will now Publish Working Group Meeting Summaries and Documentation on its Secure Site

Fundserv is active in the development of business rules and electronic data standards to govern our industry. To do this, we work closely with committees and working groups, which monitor the market and act as the industry voice, identifying automation and standardization opportunities.

As part of this commitment, working group meeting summaries and supporting documentation will now be made available on our secure site here.

To join one of the active groups, or if you have any questions regarding the publication of working group meeting summaries/documentation, please contact:

To subscribe to receive updates to all of these working groups, please go to our subscription page.

Note: As a subscriber, you will receive updates for all active working groups. The email subject will indicate which working group has been updated.

Working group priority and inclusion in Fundserv standards is subject to approval by the Standards Steering Committee (SSC).