Fundserv Unveils Strategic Direction

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 Investing in core services while focusing on cybersecurity and our members

As the Canadian Investment Funds industry looks to the future, Fundserv is developing our strategic direction in response to the needs of our members and to better connect the industry as a whole.

Fundserv is listening and investing in technology and solutions that support our members. We have undertaken intensive industry consultation to further align our strategic direction, build on our core products and services, and enhance our role as a cybersecurity leader.

Under the new executive leadership direction, Fundserv will focus on three pillars: Relationships, Technology, and People. Among other things, the company is investing in:

  • Enhancing our cybersecurity network, including finalizing the data centre relocation
  • Building on our core service offering and expanding the network
  • Further developing talent capabilities within the organization to continue offering exemplary service to our members

As a result, the company will discontinue the easyserv product as it currently stands.

Recognizing the commitment members have made to this solution, those who have onboarded will continue to receive support through mid-2018, if necessary.

For more information, please contact: 1-800-267-3526 or email