Fundserv Announces 2017 Rebate for Eligible Members

We are pleased to report that Fundserv remains in a strong financial position this year and will be issuing a rebate of $4 million for the 2017 year. This rebate comes as part of our 25-year commitment to the industry, and our renewed focus on our strategic business priorities and responsible management of expenses. Over the last year, a record number of transactions flowed through our network. This allowed us to strengthen our capital regulatory requirements. As part of our new business plan, we have committed to four key strategic areas (Technology, People, Controls, and Relationships) and are investing in our core services to better support the needs of our members. This ensures we remain in position to deliver services that reduce time, cost, and risk, and improve the ease of doing business for the entire industry.

We will be communicating directly with eligible member firms to let them know when and how they’ll receive their rebates. Please contact our finance department at 416-362-7873 with any questions.