e-signature documents have been published!

E-Signature Documents, business man and fingerprint

In preparation for the e-signature initiative that comes into effect on October 1st, Fundserv has released a document package in conjunction with IFIC. The package consists of 3 parts:

  • Guidelines document – defines a common set of minimum criteria that all organizations will use when obtaining electronic signatures
  • Contract Addendum – defines the terms and conditions between organizations when they send e-signed documents to another party for execution of client instructions
  • Companion paper – provides background on the purpose of this initiative and helps answer frequently asked questions

How does this e-signature initiative affect my organization?

If your organization uses or plans to use an e-sign solution, we recommend that your compliance, operations and legal teams review and become familiar with the guidelines in order to align and institute, where necessary, changes within your organization. If applicable, distributors should share the documents with their e-sign solution providers to ensure they are also aligned with the proposed guidelines.

Even if you don’t currently have an e-sign service, you could soon be on the receiving end of an e-signed document. Understanding the terms and conditions of e-signature acceptance in the Contract Addendum will allow other industry members to more easily do business with you.

What is my action item?

You have a 45-day comment period to review the documents within your organization. Comments should be submitted to councils@fundserv.com by September 1st.

How is Fundserv helping to roll out this initiative?

The Companion Paper contains a wealth of information about the implementation of this initiative, and the FAQ section of the paper aims to address any questions your organization may have.

In addition, Fundserv will be hosting learning webinars to provide an overview of the initiative. The webinars will include an overview of the Guidelines and Contract Addendum and will give distributors and manufacturers the opportunity to ask additional questions.

If you’re interested in attending, use one of the following links to register for a webinar at the date and time most convenient for you:

What does the timeline for the e-signature rollout look like?

If you have any questions about the e-signature initiative, please contact your Relationship Manager or tech@fundserv.com.