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Our Culture

Entrepreneurship. Transparency. Versatility. Collaboration.

Fundserv is at the centre of the investment industry. We are the hub, working together to automate it while building a collaborative network of industry members, employees and leaders who believe in innovation, technology and community.

Challenging the Status Quo

We are up for a challenge, enjoy a lively debate of ideas and, ultimately, bring out the best in each other. Working at Fundserv is about more than collecting a pay cheque; it’s about working with people who inspire and challenge each other to produce great results. Bring your ideas and make them happen!

Our Identity

We fuel passion by finding purpose in our work, and exploring our individual goals, all while having fun. We encourage courage by acting boldly, taking creative risks and using our previous experiences to learn and grow. We celebrate ideas by encouraging and generating creative, well-thought-out ideas, and recognizing and rewarding each other’s contributions. And we think small: no project, idea or win is too minor to explore and celebrate.

Hub of the Industry

For two decades, Fundserv has been an integral part of the investment management industry. We work alongside Canada’s investment fund leaders and collaborate with our member firms to move the industry forward with reliable and resilient, value-added network and digital application solutions.