Frequently Asked Questions

Information for new customers, on logging in and accessing your account, our applications and services as well as contact information for your company.

New Customers

How can I become a fundserv customer?
Please visit our Becoming a Customer section to learn how you can join Fundserv.

What is the new customer testing process?
New customer testing can be arranged through Technical Support. Once all of the appropriate documentation has been received, your test environment will be set up. We will then provide you with a test script which must be completed and returned. We ask that you test only those transactions you anticipate using in the production environment.

It’s important to make note of the Order IDs for all your transactions in script so you can reference them if the need to contact Technical Support arises. Order IDs are also essential for completing your test script.

We strongly recommend you partner with an existing Fundserv client to conduct end-to-end testing.

Fundserv Connect

What is fundserv Connect?
fundserv Connect is your main access point to all our web applications, as well as secured information and documentation like the Fundserv Standards.

How do I get a Login ID and password to access fundserv Connect?
If your company is a member of the fundserv network, you can contact your LRA (the person in charge of granting users access for your company) and request a Login ID and password.

Where can I find a list of my LRAs?
Contact your manager or a senior operations person at your company. They typically know who is the LRA for your company. If you still cannot locate your LRA, contact Technical Support for a listing.

Where can I find more information on fundserv’s web authentication and my Login ID/ password?
Enrolment, user guides and online demos can be found in the section of fundserv Connect.

Applications and Services

How can I get more information on how to use fundserv’s web applications?
User guides can be found on at We also offer on-site training. For more information, visit the Training section of our website.

Where can I find information on the fundserv Standards?
All fundserv Standards can be found in the section of fundserv Connect.

Contact Information

How do I update the contacts on file for our company?

Contacts can be added, edited or deleted by completing the forms below.

To add an LRA, complete the Sponsor for LRA form.

To remove an LRA, complete the Request for Secure Access Services form.

To add or remove a billing and/or alternate billing contact, complete the eBilling Registration form.

To add or change a contact, complete the Company Contact Information form.

For role descriptions, click here.

Once the form(s) have been completed, please send them to for processing.