Manufacturer Fees

Fee schedule for code registry, connection setup for fundserv clients, and monthly fees.

Code Registry Fees

These fees apply to all codes issued to the code registry.

First code: No charge
Subsequent code(s): $150 + tax

fundserv Client Connection Setup Fees

The connection setup fee is a onetime fee charged before testing, on a per code basis.

Connection setup fee: $2500 + tax

fundserv Monthly Fees

Your monthly fundserv fees are based on your setup and are incurred once a month per active code. Transactions placed in the test environment are free of charge.

Network fee: $1500
File transfer fee$0.25 per file
File size fee: 0.0075/1,000 bytes
Received transaction fee: Rated per volume, see below

Transaction fees are dependent on monthly volumes and transactions in each category are subject to different fees. For example, a company with 505 transactions in a given month will be charged $0 for transactions 1-500 and $1.25 for each of the five transactions in the 501-2,000 range for a total charge of $6.25.

Transaction Cost per transaction in range
1st – 500th Free
501st – 2000th $1.25
2001st – 7500th $1.10
$7,501st – 15,000th $0.75
15,001st – 25,000th $0.45
25,001st – 50,000th $0.20
50,001st on $0.10