Service Providers

If your firm's systems are unable to meet our technology requirements, you may still join Fundserv through a service provider.

The information below is provided as a reference to help you interface with fundserv. We are not affiliated with any of these companies and the mention of these companies on this site should not be construed as an endorsement of any company or its product or services.

Rules for Service Providers

Service Providers for Manufacturers

Service Providers for Distributors

This site contains links to other websites. These links are provided as references to help you obtain further information with respect to these service providers. Fundserv does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of the information contained at such sites.
Fundserv makes no representation with respect to any services provided by any of these companies and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any of the services provided by these companies. This list is not exhaustive and the omission of any service provider in no way reflects negatively on them or their offerings.