Digitizing the Investment Industry.

easyserv is a responsive, end-to-end digital solution designed to automate the investment industry. While hand-written data is exposed to risks and loss, easyserv ensures your data stays true, and is readily accessible to authorized parties, 24/7 through any device.


  • Increasing regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Advisors and investors demanding a more modern approach
  • Reducing dependency on paper-based communications
  • Significant pressure to reduce operational costs while minimizing risk
  • Support independent distribution channel viability
  • Ensuring version control of the investment application form
  • High NIGO (not in good order) rates

The Solution  

easyserv is a digital workflow solution that automates the data capture and form completion process for new account acquisitions, trades and updates. Fully configurable, it allows users to complete relevant investment forms and collect eSignatures, quickly and securely anywhere, on any device. Once completed, the forms can be integrated into back office systems and routed to the fund company at touch of a button. With eSignatures, document storage and retrieval, easyserv is reducing the need for the risky paper-based communication that remains in the industry.


  • Web-based user interface for data capture and form completion
  • Incorporates both dealer and fund company applications, edits, customized workflows and multi-system integration
  • Centralized document storage, retrieval and forms management
  • Investment product agnostic and fully configurable
  • World class eSignature and workflow technologies


  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Reduction of NIGOs
  • Robust audit trail with access to digital copies of completed forms
  • Flexible and secure eSignature capture from any device
  • Easy integration with back-office systems
  • Leverages Fundserv’s existing infrastructure and secure, private network to deliver the investment industry’s only true end-to-end electronic solution.

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To learn more about easyserv, email customer support at support@fundserv.com or call 1-800-267-3526