Standards Adherence

Fundserv’s Standards establish a consistent set of terms across the industry for seamless and successful processing of transactions. We enforce adoption and adherence to the Standards so members can count on benefitting from this consistent approach.

Adherence to the Fundserv Standards benefits all members by providing standardized and consistent processes for trading, reconciliation, and settlement among participants. Administrative procedures are simplified and the need for adjustments and corrections to data are decreased when information is delivered that adheres to the Standards. The result is a reduction in time, cost and risk, which ultimately benefits members and, most importantly, their customers.

Report a Violation

If you believe a Fundserv member is not adhering to the Standards, please contact them directly. If you are not satisfied with their initial response, please complete the Standards Violation Form (login required) to report a non-compliance violation. All submitted forms will be sent to Fundserv’s Standards Adherence department for review. 

Standards Principles

The Standards Principles (login required) contains information on the Fundserv Standards penalty procedure, how to report a participant’s non-adherence, the adherence schedule, and exceptions.