Industry Resources

Members have access to various resources that enhance their user experience, foster collaboration, and standardize communication between organizations within our network.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support team provides the best start-to-finish assistance for new and existing members.


Our complimentary, instructor-led trainings for groups of all sizes are developed and delivered by subject matter experts to help members use Fundserv’s services more seamlessly.

Member Registry

The following is a lookup of our code registry. This list is updated daily to provide the industry a detailed list of the organizations currently registered or actively participating on the Fundserv network.

Fund Profiles

Fundserv’s fund profile lookup allows members to search all active funds on our network by Manufacturer and characteristic and export to CSV.

Standards Adherence

Fundserv’s Standards establish a consistent set of terms across the industry for seamless and successful processing of transactions. We enforce adoption and adherence to the Standards so members can count on benefitting from this consistent approach.

Industry Agreements

Fundserv facilitates the development of several centralized agreements between members to standardize business processes, and outline the terms and conditions required to ease pain points in operational practices.