Our complimentary, instructor-led training for groups of all sizes are developed and delivered by subject matter experts to help members use Fundserv’s services more seamlessly.

Getting Started

Access Manager

Access Manager is a web-based tool used by a Local Registration Authority (LRA) to provide access to various Fundserv applications for users within their organization. LRAs specifically assigned by Fundserv are the only users able to access this tool. This training session is dedicated to teaching your organizations’ LRAs how to create, modify and delete user profiles.

Trading, Reconciliation, Clearing, & Settlement

Core Transaction Services

This session focuses on Fundserv’s role in the Canadian investment industry, our core transaction services, order processing and settlement flow.

Web Services

Fundserv Web Services is a centralized platform through which Distributors can directly place transactions within our secure network. This training session instructs members on how to buy, sell and transfer funds using Fundserv’s web screens.

Fundserv Standards

The Fundserv Standards outline a uniform and consistent approach to trading, reconciliation and settlement. This training teaches members and their service providers how to use these rules to support automated trading, settlement, and reconciliation among Canadian investment fund Manufacturers, Distributors, and Intermediaries.

Ad-Hoc Settlement 

Fundserv’s Ad-Hoc Settlement service, called Ad-Hoc Money Movement (A$M), is a settlement service that allows institutions to send ad-hoc payments and non-trade instructions to other institutions through the Fundserv network. This training session instructs users how to initiate, approve and receive cash transfers from other firms, and how to access settlement reports—all through Fundserv’s web screens.

Communication & Inquiry

Secure Communications 

messageserv—Fundserv’s secure messaging service—automates manual fax communications between financial institutions, allowing Fundserv members to relay messages quickly and securely. By offering a direct line-of-sight to submitted issues, as well as a built-in audit trail of user interactions, messageserv provides faster resolution of several processing tasks. This training session instructs Members and Service Providers how to configure and operate message types, either directly through Fundserv’s web screens or integrated into your workflow tool.

Centralized Account Inquiry

myserv is Fundserv’s centralized, secure, account inquiry web tool that enables Advisors, Assistants, and Distributor head-office staff to access investor account information across hundreds of Manufacturers at any time, through any device. This training session instructs Advisors, Assistants, and Distributor head-office staff how to securely access investor account information across hundreds of Manufacturers using Fundserv’s web screens.

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