Fundserv’s Environmental, Social & Governance Statement

Our ESG initiatives at Fundserv are inspired by our Vision, Mission and Values which guide everything we do. It is an ever-evolving approach as the world we live in changes and grows, technology advances, and standards improve.

The Environment We Inhabit

Protecting our planet might not be the first thing that comes to mind with a financial technology company, but that’s just what we’re doing when we develop e-solutions that enable a better, easier flow of business within the Canadian investment industry. Collectively, we need to move away from paper processing and cheques to adopt new ways to automate. Our Paperless Initiative improves awareness and adoption of what’s good and helpful, eliminates and reduces the use of paper, which should reduce time, cost and risk across the Canadian investment industry, and ultimately improve the investor experience—and our planet.

What We’re Doing:

  • Settlement Automation: reduces need for cheque processing
  • Transaction Automation: eliminates paper documentation for eligible transactions and reduces time out of market
  • E-signature: digitizes physical documentation and supports remote interactions
  • Electronic Processing Agreement: reduces paper document delivery and faxing
  • messageserv: creates an audit trail of secure communications and files, rather than manual faxing
  • Non-Financial Updates: supports proper reconciliation between distributor and manufacturer systems

Our Social Responsibility

Fundserv is committed to fostering an environment where employees and our members—regardless of gender, race, religion and/or sexual orientation—are welcomed, heard, valued and supported without discrimination. An environment that does not condone hate, violence and prejudice and a culture that promotes and sustains Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). A place where we can all be our whole, best selves and improve the ways we work together. We give to the communities that we live, work and play in, and to those who are struggling. We acknowledge that there is always work to be done, and promise—above all else—to listen and give a platform to those whose voices, historically, may not have been heard.

What We’re Doing:

  • Signed the BlackNorth Initiative CEO Pledge: a commitment to give to the Black community and recruit Black students
  • EDI Education: giving our employees the knowledge they need to understand and provide the perspectives of the BIPOC and other marginalized communities
  • Policy Review: ensuring our policies are equitable and fair
  • Cultural & Minority Group Celebrations: recognition of holidays and events that honour our differences
  • Corporate Donation Policy: we commit to donating a percentage of our annual revenue to charities each year and have a program to match our employees’ personal donations

Our Governance Framework

Fundserv’s continued success is due in part to effective governance. The Board of Directors and senior leadership team are committed to conducting business in an ethical, fair and transparent manner in accordance with high standards of corporate governance. We have a robust corporate governance framework in place and are committed to fostering a culture that values personal and corporate integrity, accountability and continuous improvement.

What We’re Doing:

  • Board of Directors: a diverse representation of member-company delegates and independent directors with a wide range of experiences and expertise.
  • Board Committees: these ensure a focus on company priorities that are developed in accordance with our mission and under the Board’s oversight.
  • Proven Business Model: with more than 25 years as the indispensable connectivity hub, our reliability allows members to focus on what matters most to them.
  • Member Input: committees and working groups established to collaborate on the issues and opportunities faced by our stakeholders.
  • Transparency: our employees, members, Board and all stakeholders are aware of our corporate priorities at every turn.
  • Regulatory oversight and compliance: we understand and perform to the rigour that comes with serving a highly-regulated industry and being a regulated entity ourselves.