Trading & Reconciliation

Platforms that enable Fundserv members to place and reconcile transactions securely and efficiently.

Financial Transactions

Fundserv’s core service includes a centralized platform which enables Manufacturers, Distributors, and Intermediaries to buy, sell, switch, and transfer unitized investment funds on a secure transactional network. Fundserv’s network supports real-time transaction placement, acknowledgement, confirmation, and error corrections.

By standardizing the instructions that flow through the Fundserv network, Fundserv members can rely on accurate and reliable order fulfillment while automating much of their operational processes. 

Non-Financial Transactions

Fundserv also supports the processing of Non-Financial Transactions to update investor, account, and advisor-related details.

By allowing standardized instructions to flow through the Fundserv network, we ensure member systems are consistently updated to current data.

Non-Financial Transactions include:

  • Investor demographics 
  • Account details 
  • Standing instructions 
  • Advisor set-up and changes 

Data Reconciliation

Fundserv supports the reconciliation of both Financial and Non-Financial Transactions through settlement-contract matching, as well as a confirmation of each order.

On a monthly basis, Manufacturers share account positions and investor demographic data points. Distributors compare this data with their records and, when required, adjust or correct the Manufacturer’s system through a Non-Financial Transaction. 

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