We’re the indispensable connectivity hub enabling innovation for the Canadian investment industry.

Join our established network of more than 700 organizations experiencing how we make doing business in the Canadian investment industry easy. Our suite of connective, reliable and secure technology services reduce cost, time, and risk from your business operations giving you peace of mind to focus on what you do best.

What We Do

Fundserv connects the Canadian investment industry through reliable technology services that enable secure and automated transaction of business on a centralized network.

Who We Connect

From organizations who develop investment products, to those who sell them to investors, from providers who help members integrate with our systems, to regulators who govern the way you do business, Fundserv connects and collaborates with key industry players to build solutions that simplify business interactions and promotes innovation in the Canadian investment industry.

Trading & Reconciliation

Platforms that enable Fundserv members to place and reconcile transactions securely and efficiently.

Clearing & Settlement

Centralized services that calculate and facilitate net settlement amounts across Fundserv members.

Communication & Inquiry

Secure communication between members and 24/7 inquiry across Manufacturer transfer agency systems.