Automating the guaranteed deposit industry.

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Robust, secure and efficient, gicserv is a comprehensive deposit processing solution for guaranteed investment industry. Designed for issuers and distributors, it facilitates the movement of guaranteed investment product orders and money while reducing time, cost and risk through automation.


  • Purchases and redemptions delivered via paper can circumvent compliance processes
  • Transactions submitted via paper have high NIGO (Not in Good Order) rates
  • Slow processing time from traditional placement and acknowledgement
  • Current manual paper-based processing for GIC products is lengthy and error-prone

The Solution

gicserv was built by leveraging Fundserv’s secure, core network technology that simplifies the management of transaction data for GIC distributors and issuers.  It connects issuers and distributors by allowing order placement, acknowledgment and confirmation, and by supporting the digital exchange of settlement and commission values, all in real time. It also allows users to expedite various types of reconciliation and provides access to aggregate settlement reporting and information tools.


  • Automated end-to-end deposit processing
  • Font-end model options for product set-up and transaction entry only
  • Web-based product setup and order entry available to support customers at various automation levels
  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Client support from set-up to payment to reconciliation


  • Distinct, industry-led governance structure and member-driven development approach to the embellishment of best practices and standards for industry-wide implementation
  • Builds on Fundserv’s core business strengths and reliability developed in the investment fund industry
  • Proven business continuity, security and disaster recovery planning
  • Cost-recovery pricing model

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