Account Inquiry - Centralized. Secure. Mobile.

The myserv world

myserv enables advisors, assistants and distributor head office users to access account information across hundreds of manufacturers at any time, through any device.


  • Multiple clients with multiple fund holdings across multiple manufacturers
  • Management of several individual manufacturer website credentials is cumbersome and poses a security risk
  • Lack of consistency around access to account information
  • After-hours call centre support is limited or unavailable

The Solution

Access account information, view data and run reports on any device, quickly and securely:

  1. One-step login provides account inquiry access to several hundred manufacturers through a single application
  2. Simplifes the inquiry process by providing accurate information in a standardized, user-friendly format
  3. Robust security protocols keep user access and information protected


  • Account holdings
  • Distribution instructions
  • Transaction summaries and details
  • Systematic plan information
  • Investor demographics
  • Registered plan information for RRSPs,
    RRIFs, TFSAs, RESPs and RDSPs
  • Segregated fund guarantee information
  • Redemption calculator, at the fund or account level, including 10% free and
    matured units
  • DSC schedule breakdown and final maturity dates
  • Duplicate tax receipts, by mail and/or PDF
  • Historical fund prices


  • Real-time account information
  • Leverage recent search history or save favourite searches to run routinely
  • Run bulk queries for account holdings and systematic plans, consolidating data for multiple clients across multiple manufacturers, in a single report
  • CRM2 friendly – hypothetical redemption calculations include all fees and charges, which can be printed for client disclosure
  • Intuitive, modern design supports multiple desktop browsers and mobile devices

One simple application, seamless account inquiry.

To download the PDF click here.

To learn more about myserv, email or call 1-800-267-3526.