Industry Reports & Agreements

Centralized repository for industry agreements and reports (EPA, Pre-Authorized Debits, NR Agreement, FATCA/FATCA Firm Acknowledgement, e-signature Agreement. and Service Schedule).


The Electronic Processing Agreement (EPA) establishes mutual agreements between fund manufacturers and distributors to eliminate paperwork from EPA eligible client name transactions. The EPA also provides a framework for standardizing individual distributor agreements and creating new electronic standards for automation.

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Pre-Authorized Debits

On February 28, 2010, the Canadian Payments Association introduced Rule H1 to protect consumers from unauthorized debits from their account and provide recourse should it occur.

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NR Agreement

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revised its administrative policies related to how to determine the applicable tax withholding rates for non-residents, requiring fund companies to know the beneficial ownership, tax jurisdiction and entitlement to treaty benefits for clients.

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The FATCA & CRS Process Agreements establishes a mutual agreement between manufacturers and distributors as it relates to FATCA & CRS compliance for mutual funds and segregated fund contracts.

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Systematic Plan Customer Agreement Addendum

In June 2016, this was added to the customer agreement to provide comfort to manufacturers that distributors are obtaining client consent to debit their bank accounts for Pre-Authorized Chequing plans.

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e-signature Guidelines and Customer Agreement Addendum

The e-signature Guidelines establishes an industry standard for the minimum criteria a distributor should use when implementing an e-signature service for their investors. Furthermore, the Contract Addendum indemnifies recipients of e-signed documents so they can safely act on those instructions without the risk of additional liability. A Companion Paper provides answers to frequently asked questions and provides an implementation guide for both distributors and manufacturers.

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