NR Agreement

Team Notice of IFIC and IIAC Member Non-Resident Indemnification Agreement

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revised its administrative policies related to how to determine the applicable tax withholding rates for non-residents, requiring manufacturers to know the beneficial ownership, tax jurisdiction and entitlement to treaty benefits for clients. This could lead to both manufacturers and fund managers approaching clients for such information, including through new CRA tax forms (e.g., NR301s).

Fundserv, IFIC and the IIAC have worked together on a solution for nominee name and/or intermediary accounts to prevent customer services issues that will arise if each manufacturer contacted each end client directly rather than accessing the information through the distributor. To this end, we have developed corresponding agreements for the manufacturers (the Manufacturer’s Agreement) and for the distributors (the Distributor’s Agreement).

The fundamental premise of the agreements is that the manufacturer will rely on the distributor to identify and advise the manufacturer of the client’s jurisdiction for tax purposes and to maintain appropriate supporting documentation. The manufacturer will rely on the tax code and withhold tax on any distributions at the rate appropriate to that country unless the disributor instructs that another rate be used. In return, the manufacturer will agree not to contact the end client for such information on the basis that the distributor indemnifies the manufacturer and fundserv against losses resulting from the information provided by the distributor in the event that the supporting documentation is inaccurate or not sufficient for CRA purposes.

These agreements will be housed at a centralized location at fundserv to allow each distributor to sign only one form that can be relied upon by all manufacturers that have signed a corresponding agreement. We anticipate full participation in this initiative from both distributors and manufacturers as it benefits all parties, most notably the client. The fundserv Standard Steering Committee has endorsed these agreements, and IFIC and IIAC members have asked each association to recommend that their members participate in this initiative.

To this end, please review, complete and sign the relevant agreement and forward the executed agreement to fundserv by or as soon after September 4, 2012 as possible. fundserv will make available the weblink that will show which manufacturers and which distributors have signed the agreements After September 4, 2012.

If you have any questions regarding the background or details of the agreements, please contact:


James Carman,

Manufacturer Agreement


Adrian Walrath,

Distributor Agreement
Letter of Direction for Application of Treaty or Non-Treaty Rates
NR Agreement FAQ

Non Resident Indemnification Agreement – Participating Companies

7736Aligned Capital Partners Inc. C/O NBIN
7945Aligned Capital Partners Inc.
9721Assante Capital Management
7646Assante Financial Management Ltd.
9815Assante Financial Management Ltd.
7771ATB Securities Inc.
7696Banwell Financial Inc.
9323Beacon II Inc.
7950Belay Wealth Inc.
7951Belay Wealth Inc.
9502BLC Services Financiers Inc.
9025BMO Investments Inc.
9185BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
7555BMO Trust Co.
7923Burgeonvest Bick Securities Limited
9041Caldwell Securities Limited
9335Canaccord Genuity Corp.
9724Cormark Securities Inc.
7561Credential Asset Management Inc.
9962Credential Asset Management Inc.
7799Credential Securities Inc.
7723CWM Funds Inc.
7802Desjardins Cabinet de Services Financiers Inc
9697Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.
9220Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.
9039Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.
3391Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.
3363Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.
7886Dundee Securities Ltd.
7563E3M Investments Inc.
9844Edward Jones
7862Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC
9030Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC
7648FundEX Investments Inc.
3427FundEX Investments Inc.
3200Global Pacific Financial Services Ltd.
9177Global Securities Corporation
7673GMP Securities LP
9091Haywood Securities Inc.
9525HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc.
9212HollisWealth, a division of Scotia Capital Inc.
7759Investors Group Financial Services
9737Investors Group Securities Inc.
3426Kronish Financial Services
9582Leede Financial Markets Inc.
7769Les Fonds d’investissement FMOQ Inc.
9140MacDougall, MacDougall, MacTier Inc.
3490Mackie Research Capital Corp.
9010Mackie Research Capital Corp.
9285Macquarie Private Wealth Inc.
7585Manulife Securities Incorporated
7584Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.
7869Matco Financial Inc.
9871MD Management Ltd.
7741Merici Services Financiers
7755Mica Capital Inc.
9463Miles Santos and Associates Inc.
7620Monarch Wealth Corp
9112Multi Courtage Capital Inc.
9855Networth Financial Corp.
9195Odlum Brown Limited
9060Open Access Limited
7636Peak Investment Services
7717Peak Investment Services
9620Peak Investment Services
7655Peak Investment Services
7659Peak Investment Services
7682Peak Securities Inc.
7653Penson Financial Services Canada
9210Peters & Co. Limited
9527PI Financial Corp.
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9499Portfolio Strategies Corp.
3445Qtrade Asset Management Inc.
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7568Royal Mutual Funds Inc.
9155Scotia Capital Inc.
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7624Services Financiers Eterna Inc
7557Sinclair-Cockburn Financial Services Inc.
7873Sora Group Wealth Advisors Inc.
9823Sterling Mutuals Inc.
7697Sun Life Finanical Investment Services (Canada) Inc.
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Code Intermediary
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