Fundserv is a business to-business electronic network with world-class transactions processing applications, servicing the Canadian investment industry.

Client List

Fundserv maintains up-to-date customer lists for many of the applications and services we offer. These lists are updated nightly to give you the most current information.

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Fund Profiles

As a complement to our FD file, we offer a fund profile lookup. This allows you to search for funds by manufacturer and sort by characteristic.

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Process Exceptions

Process Exceptions is a centralized resource for identifying the processing exceptions of the various fund companies on the network.

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Code Registry

Code registry is a collection of codes issued to manufacturers, distributors and intermediaries. Fundserv is the code registrar for the Canadian mutual fund industry. Codes are used to identify your company through the life of a transaction, whether placed on Fundserv or manually outside of the network.

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