Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the Corporation is effectively managed so as to maximize customer value.

The Board does not manage the Corporation; rather it delegates this function to management and then supervises and evaluates management’s execution of Board-approved strategies and business plans.

The Fundserv Board is comprised of 13 directors; 10 shareholders representing fund companies, distributors and intermediaries, and 3 independent directors.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall act for the Board in respect of issues that should be dealt with expeditiously between meetings of the Board of Directors, which would otherwise be dealt with by the Board of Directors.  In circumstances where a board committee is unable to fulfill its Statement of Purpose, the Executive Committee shall, at its discretion, assume the responsibilities of that committee until such time as the committee has been re-constituted by the Board.

  • MacMillan, Katherine (Chair) – President & CEO, IFDS (Canada) Limited
  • Bennett, Doug – Principal, Operations & Services, Edward Jones
  • Murray, Cameron – Senior Vice President, Client Services & CIO, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
  • Pauli, David – Executive Vice President, CI Financial
  • Russell, Jim – Senior Officer, Client Services & Administration, Invesco Canada Ltd.

Audit/Finance/Risk Committee

The Audit/Finance/Risk Committee of the Board of Directors shall act on behalf of, and be subject to the Board of Directors in all matters pertaining to the audit of the Corporation’s financial affairs, and to the systems, policies and practices of security, control and risk containment to meet the accountability requirements of the Board and to safeguard the assets of the Corporation.

  • Carchidi, Bruno (Chair) – Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Goodman & Company Investment Counsel Ltd. 
  • Chenier, Tracy – Managing Director, Product Development and Management, CIBC Asset Management
  • Desjardins, Francois – Independent Director
  • Jackson, Chris – CIO, SVP, IT & Operations, AGF Investments Inc.
  • Shewangzaw, Ghion – Senior Vice President, Head of Canada TA, Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.

Human Resources/Corporate Governance Committee

The Human Resources/Corporate Governance Committee of the Board shall be responsible to review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for:
  1. Human resource related matters
    • appointment of corporate officers;
    • succession planning;
    • annual compensation and benefits; and
    • other significant human resource or organizational policies generally impacting employees of the Corporation; and
  2. Corporate governance related matters
    • the Corporation’s corporate governance policy including structure, organization and compensation of directors and Board committee members; and
    • appropriate systems and procedures to enable the Board to exercise and discharge its responsibility.
  • Badeau, Brad (Chair) – Independent Director
  • MacMillan, Katherine – President & CEO, IFDS (Canada) Limited
  • McCullum, David – Executive Vice President, Client Services Operations, Mackenzie Investments
  • Murray, Cameron – Senior Vice President, Client Services & CIO, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
  • Warren, John – Independent Director