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Who We Are

Fundserv is an important link to the investment industry. In addition to its network and workflow applications, Fundserv leads and facilitates industry committees and working groups that promote automation initiatives and establish the industry's electronic standards.

Keeping the investment industry in motion

We connect the Canadian investment management industry, ensuring every trade is processed timely, accurately and securely. Our goal at Fundserv is to reduce time, cost and risk while improving the ease of doing business so that our clients can focus on what matters most to their business. We take pride in our model of delivering high-quality products that can be accessed by all within the industry. Parallel that with a unique cost recovery model where our clients can share in the savings we generate each year which is a value proposition that can’t be matched by any firm.

Our commitment to the industry goes beyond the solutions we deliver and is exemplified through our history and our future of being the trusted source to the industry. We don’t take this for granted and continue to focus on building solutions that enhance our value through reliability, innovation and thought leadership.

Reliability – Our clients can take comfort in our ability to deliver with certainty; securely and flawlessly as we have done for the past two decades.

Innovation – It’s a part of our DNA at Fundserv. Our clients know that our future successes, the industry’s future successes, rest on our innovative past and our ability to be nimble in addressing the unpredictable future.

Thought Leadership – At Fundserv, we believe our role is not only to deliver solutions but to foster discussion that will help shape the way we do business as an industry.